Talented Crafty Experts

Talented Crafty Experts

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Natalia Oh!

Meet our first Talented Crafty Expert! Jamaican Natalie Outar, She was elected the 2012 best Beauty and Fashion Blog of Jamaica. She has beauty and skills and talent to keep you on your toes for a life time.

God bless her in her world of DIYs!
Her words"I'm Natalie Outar, mother of two living in Jamaica. I love vintage fashion, beach reading and DIY's"

She has been featured in Jamaica Gleaner: Flair Magazine, Jamaica Gleaner : Jewelry Storage, Jamaica Gleaner: Jazz Looks, Jamaica Observer, Jamaica Observer: Miss Universe Jamaica Judge, Smile Jamaica: Statement Necklaces, Style and Vibes: Blogger Spotlight.

My favourite crafty  DIY of Natalie is

DIY: Lace Front T-Shirt (Mint Green and Cobalt)

Hi Everyone! 
This DIY Lace T-shirt cost less than $4 ($400 JAD) to make and took a little over an hour because I used my hand to sew. It would be much quicker and neater if you used a sewing machine, the key is to cut neatly and use matching thread. Wear it with jeans, jeggings, a maxi skirt, with a work suit or with linen pants for a weekend get away.

I paired it with the cobalt blue jeggings for a bright contrast, and because it was the only pants that fit me now. :/


Round neck cotton T-shirt 
1 yard Stretch lace fabric in matching colour 
Needle and thread

Cut off sleeves of t-shirt, without cutting off seam. Cut open t-shirt sleeves to form as a pattern.

Pin the pattern on top of lace fabric then cut out fabric to form your sleeves.

Lay lace over front of t-shirt. Cut out and sew front on top of t-shirt (make sure to do this step before adding sleeves).

Finally, sew on lace sleeves.

(T-Shirt : Maxi's Department Store, Mandeville // Lace fabric: Ping's Fabrics, Mandeville )

 Jeggings : Shimmer // Shoes: Aldo // 
Necklace & Cardigan : F21 sweater here  and a better alternative to the necklace is here//

If you want to get to know more about Natalie Outra Click here Get to know more about Natalie.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What Talented Crafty Experts blog is all about?

This Blog was created to highlight the crafty world of talented people around the Globe. 

I don't remember what i was searching for online one day when i was blown away by the host of talented people on youtube, displaying their arts and crafts and other talents, i was so impressed and you know what happen next? I saw more and more people on youtbe, on google bloggers and other websites. I was like WOW! These people have such a beautiful gift and some of them are very young, as seven years old. God is so good. He has bestowed on us His riches blessings and you can see that in these ordinary people He has created. They can be our future scientist, fashion designers, and inventors etc. And the grown ups are scientist, fashion designers and inventors and business men and women who have share their talents with the world. What a blessing? We are truly bless and grateful. Thank you all! God bless you all 50 million times over for what you have done for us, You Talented Crafty Experts!

Some of the Talented Crafty Experts which will be showcase here is to show you, my viewers how normal and fun loving and down to earth these people are. You will get to know a little of their background and if  you have hidden talents or skills that you may not know about, by watching these Gifted Souls you will become inspired.

Why am i doing this blog?
The reason i am so interested in featuring other people creative work is because i just love what they can do and i support them in their endeavors, i just love to be creative myself so i have chosen this path to share and inspire others. They are so much negativity in the world and so much of it is highlighted, i am making a change by applaud the positive so that everyone around the world can do the same. 

What will i be doing?
Don't get me wrong i will be doing a bit of work here too if i am inspired to create something i will showcase my talents sewing, craft making etc. If one of my Talented Crafty Experts do a video or a blog about their crafts and i want to do one i will do my version of that craft item.

So seat back and be inspired.

Proverbs 10:9 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.